Rules and Regulations

For everyone's best interest members
MUST read and comply with these rules!


You will find the Government Rules Here:

This List Will Not Accept Liability for Any Such Emails Sent by Our Members with Misleading Subject Lines.
All Members will be Completely Liable for their Own Actions! Advertising must tell the truth and not mislead consumers.

These subjects are NOT allowed to be used when posting your ads on this list.
We feel these are misleading & very unprofessional.

RE: or re: , Fwd: , PayPal has canceled your account , URGENT, Your account has been
canceled / deactivated / terminated , From admin, I read your ad / I saw your ad.
Absolutely No Money Amount allowed in Subject!
(Example) Subject: Earn monthly $5,862 to $50K with ......
Subject: $85,000,000,000 MARKET

As your admin I will not send these out!

We have the right to make changes to all Membership Levels at any time, and
post the changes in the Members area. It is your responsibility to read all changes.
Absolutely NONE of the Following are Allowed on the Click links (Credit Links) on this list!

NO POPUPS on the Credit Link or Your Membership will be Deleted!
Absolutely NO Instant Download links!
In Addition: No Frame Breakers are Allowed on the Click Links.
We also will Not Allow ANY websites that Slow our Click links timer or cause the timer bar from continuing.

We have the Right to NOT Allow Any Website Promotion on our Click links that interfere with our members receiving their Credits Earned.

NO Full Mailboxes, NO Autoresponders or bounces -- immediate removal -- NO REFUND!
NO flaming or foul language to other members, NO Adult Oriented Messages or XXX Sites/Content,
NO Porno, Adult, Gambling, Illegal Or Warez Sites, NO Racial Or Drug-Related Or Other Illegal Content,
NO Multiple Accounts!


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Copyright (c) Maddog Marketing Network All Rights Reserved

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