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Welcome to Maddog Marketing "Just because" rewards card.

Here is your chance to earn a Superior solo ad using your points. View and click wbesites, trade your points in for your reward. We want to give everyone a chance to use superiors and now you can. Simply redeem your well deserved and earned points by trading them in through the advertiser navigation link in the members area of Maddog.

Superiors are normally 3.99 each and send out to over 14,600 members at the current time. We run an occasional sale. The "just because" rewards card will allow you to trade your points for a Superior at no charge. Maddog Marketing Safelist is the only site in the Maddog Marketing Network that will allow you to do this. Take the time and enjoy your reward while enjoying endless opportunites that could be your next rewarding marketing journey.

Just a simple way of saying Thank you,
Natalie Toloday

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